Character Profile: Sandeep ‘Skidz’ Sidhu –

With everything that’s been going on in regards to the lower-mainland and it’s gang war that has seen a peak recently, Skidz CP is more crucial and valued than ever. We saw a very powerful figure in Vishal Walia get gunned down by the new generation of ‘gangster’ (in his case, 3 young killers), a whole new set in TMT being introduced to us, and obviously the whole controversy surrounding the alliance of SK and Skidz. Along with all of that, Delta police announced how they believe this whole gang-war is shifting into the area and as a result; they saw plenty of gang-related crimes in a span of 3 days:

Doesn’t seem like a coincidence – especially considering how a key figure in Walia was killed (???? Figures detailed as the intro progresses), and with the way Skidz has been operating; we all expect deadly retaliation.

P.S – Jagraj and Kaunka influenced us to finally get this CP underway:

Here’s what you can expect in the overall CP series on Skidz:

  • Intro: The come-up of Skidz, history, UN associates introductory stages
  • Pt.2: Life before $lices death, Townline Hill Conflict , chain incident + footage ????, Revenge (AFTER BIBO VIDEO)
  • Conclusion: Timeline, bridge-into-UN Intro, Current life, TMT VS UN, UN + BIBO (TBD), UNCUT VIDEO (9 MIN)

If you think we missed something after going through this introduction (watching all content) – wait for our sequel before contacting us and letting us know we missed something! We have so much to share regarding this character profile.


Nobody really acknowledged the type of power Skidz truly possessed, at-least not until we saw the dynamic duo in ‘Skidz & Slice’ transition into a 1-man show, following the death of Jimi. Before this whole new and current ‘Sandeep’ we have witnessed; through the likes of his spending habits and lavish lifestyle, Sidhu was actually a soft-spoken kid growing up in Abbotsford. And if it weren’t for key figures like Jimi, Jujhar, Harwin and even GG (to name a few) – Skidz probably wouldn’t have turned out the way he did and pursue the lifestyle that he has been living. Similar to our FOB Intro – we are going to highlight some of the associates and key players that helped create and inspire the demon; but first we’re going to jump back into some of his earlier days.

This guy is extremely aware and intelligent when it comes to social media and it’s overall exposure, and therefore it really was tough in trying to confirm and identify his childhood/earlier stages. There’s not a lot of people in this world that can tell you about Skidz or how he rose to prominence, and we suspect only a handful of people in actually being able to tell you about how this guy grew up. All of our information regarding the gangster is 99.9% confirmed and we honestly had to hold back on a lot of content (specifically videos) because they weren’t verified by reliable sources.

UN Ring – Given to the real and powerful UN members. Skidz and Slice both received one.

Sandeep was born and raised in the Abbotsford area and grew up alongside some very notable gangsters. Some of the names he was associated with were guys like Jimi Sandhu, Gavin Grewal, Jujhar Khun-Khun and the more we understand this BC gang-war; it truly is astonishing as to how many dominant and powerful gangsters grew up in the Abby area. It must be something in the water or schools, but some of those kids out there are now some of the most dangerous gangsters in the country. Skidz wasn’t always the same dominant and out-spoken gangster we see him being in today’s day, and in truth, the guy was actually a very shy and soft individual who truly climbed his way to the top of the hierarchy.

Slice on far left, Skidz on far right

Unlike the youngster in VP Gill, Sandeep wasn’t exposed to the riches of the lifestyle through contract-killing. His only similarity with the youngster would be how he got to the money quick and fast, compared to others in the drug-trade and that’s because of his infamous 60 kg ‘hood robbery’. The genius and mastermind in Skidz was never seen with those 7 figure chains he has around his neck today, and would never flash his wealth. Instead – he continued to dominate the trade and would re-invest with the millions he stole, something you don’t see in today’s gangster:

The jewellery seen on VP was allegedly gifted to him as a reward for his killings.

Before we explain his come-up in depth, we need to understand his late-teen and early adulthood years as best as we can. It truly is quite a story and it’s because of how this guy pretty much started his way from the bottom-up. You don’t just get to sit down in the nicest of hotels, or eat at the most expensive restaurants by being a ‘line-boss’.

Skidz on the far-right in Turkey eating good.

He consistently collects massive amounts of money through his support system, and it’s surprising how much more love than hate we’ve seen him receive. Obviously he has enemies, but the levels of respect his guys have for him is overwhelming. And that’s exactly why Sandeep is now considered one of the head-honchos that has taken a more public and ‘known’ approach, compared to other UN big bosses like Billy (CP out soon).

Skidz jewellery – Slice’s chain isn’t pictured here.

Growing up amongst a crowd that was set in becoming a bunch of drug-lords and gangsters, Skidz didn’t have much of a choice. What we do know about his high-school days was that he attended the same school that Gavin and Jimi had also went too, and the three were supposedly good friends. There has been a lot of different theories on why the friendship resulted into hatred and war, and the one we tend to agree with the most; is how Skidz+Slice had ultimately disagreed or felt disrespected by something the future BK leader had done. This is all unconfirmed, but ‘friends’ don’t just engage in a bloody war and become 3 of the most dangerous criminals the province has ever seen because of something minor.

Before we continue, we don’t want you guys to think of Skidz as a shy little kid who was scared or something and that’s because it’s pretty much known that he’s always had anger issues. If he loses it, there’s only a very few people who can control him. One of the most motivational factors that played a role in him becoming a monster; was the loyalty and friendship he cherished with his circle of guys, which was visible and recorded when he had taken a trip to Dubai a few years back. Long story short, he ended up slapping one of the most powerful drug-bosses in the country – Gary Tattoo:

So while GG decided to do his own thing and venture off into getting known in the underworld through associations with the Dhaliwals and Bacons, Skidz and Slice formed a roster of friends and family that continued to expand. It made complete sense too; as GG technically sided with the set (RS) that was at war with the UN, the gang that Jimi and Sandeep were loyal too. What came next for GG was the foundation of the Brothers Keepers, and that was when he drifted from the Bacon’s and ultimately went to war with 2 different groups/sets. And though we know what became of the duo in Skidz & Slice, we can’t clarify on how Jimi and Sandeep were introduced to the UN set; but believe guys like Jujhar, Billy and even Khera played a massive role:


Some claim that Jimi was the one who really made a name for the two, and that was because he killed the RS leader in Matt Campbell.

It’s obvious that the 7 figure earner in Skidz took the longer road in getting himself on-top of the ‘food-chain’, and instead of getting caught up in heavier legal obstacles that he saw those around him face; he kept himself under the spot-light with minor crimes. All charges and convictions he had faced were usually related to driving and traffic laws, which only lasted a few years until the tides turned in his favour. We get into detail with some of his criminal history as we progress into the introduction.

A UN gangster who was raided several years back.

They would’ve rose to prominence one way or another, and that’s because of the relationships they built with big-names. Not only that, but it was the relationships and support they had from their juniors and younger associates who would eventually become big players, and even killers. And thats when the tides started to turn in his favour, and it’s because of the power that came with the leadership he had, in the younger crew that consisted of guys like his younger brother – Nav Sidhu. He didn’t just look at these guys as his workers and ‘slaves’, but as friends and brothers, frequently being spotted on the front lines with his guys in action. We’ll get into more of that as we progress, but Skidz literally saw his guys get killed in front of him and had no choice but to flee the scene.

(explained in sequel – townline hill)

We also understand that most of the guys under Skidz that are labeled as UN in the social world, aren’t actually apart of the gang and were never properly elected – a process that results in the upmost respect, even in death: ⬇️⬇️


Guys that you saw in the previous clip (skidz crew) won’t be getting the same treatment. Not because they’re Punjabi and choose to cremate instead, but because they aren’t real UN gang members.

It truly is insane as to how private of a life Skidz has lived, and his earlier years remain more unclear than any other gangster we’ve covered. We had more intel on his best-friend in Slice, as we got reports with detail and even going to the extent of confirming his first job in a Pizza shop. The most we got on Sidhu are petty charges and his criminal history that he racked up after his senior year. These charges also assist in determining the level he started at and him starting from the ground-up, as most of them concern his days as a line-worker on the road: (before he had a fully competent roster of DBOYS under his lead)

Like we stated before, all of his charges were almost always concerning minor traffic laws and if they weren’t; we can’t get any information because of publication bans. This is just a handful of charges that we wanted to share, and in reality his entire wrap-sheet looks very identical to these. It seems like the kingpin was never really a good driver and we do understand that his earlier years consisted of him being a driver on the road.

Although the transition is still unclear on when he got himself out of the drivers seat and inside a cozy penthouse, the demon still made careless mistakes like driving while using a phone:

The puzzle to Skidz and his story will have pieces we may never understand about the gangster, and how he ultimately got himself in the position to lead and demand respect. We just know that at some point he did enough to land in prison and serve some time, and though we don’t know how long he was actually inside for; the gangster ended up meeting an individual that would end up changing his life. The streets have heard numerous versions to this story but we will be explaining it in a way that we have understood it.

While incarcerated, it’s alleged that he was bunked with an Asian gangster who had several ties and deeper connections to the drug-trade than Sandeep did. Knowing how well established his cell-mate was, once Skidz was released, he had patiently waited months for the gangster to get out and start business together. Long story short – business went bad and Skidz somehow got away with 60 KG (bricks); which at the time was valued at a lot more than what the cost is today. He basically got a huge head-start into the game and was able to immediately call shots alongside his best-friend $lice, and with their new product that they seemingly had A LOT OF. This is when we start to see the picture more clearly and understand how his operations and overall support system got to the level it did, in such a quick manner.

Skidz juniors got rich quick. one of them came up and is known now as the boss in Umba aka Saran.

Because this CP is our most anticipated one yet, we want to deliver on our promise in ensuring it was a banger. We are therefore taking a new approach in teasing and encouraging your excitement for the overall profile and the 2 sequels that will follow this introduction.

With that being said – not all of these gangsters (whom will be briefly detailed as we go along) enjoyed the same rise Amrit did. Most met the law and if they didn’t, it was because they lost their lives in someway related to the life that Skidz mainstreamed for them.

???????????????? RIP Christopher Singh (more as we progress)

The one’s that didn’t make it out and ultimately create a name for themselves either died, or found themselves in a position such as Kaunkas: (click here for his entire story – 11 min video)


They raided his house often when his family relocated to the YYC area.

We as a platform believe that the come-up of Skidz wasn’t all lavish, and though it’s hard to argue how 60 bricks of pure profitable cocaine isn’t a win; it’s important to note that this game comes with a lifetime of consequences. Just as quick as he got the power, the danger and harm came too, if not quicker; upon himself and his new emerging team of youngsters.

More information in our sequel, which covers the whole Townline hill conflict in detail.

When they say that the only way to succeed in the dope-game is to have a trusted circle, we agree to a certain extent and that’s because we’ve seen what a ‘brotherhood’ can eventually turn too for the sake of greed or power. But that’s not to say that a group of close key figures can’t help build and assist in your plan or program, because if that was the case then we would have never been writing about a gangster named Skidz. He truly was nothing without his guys and if it weren’t for the loyalty that they had for this man, which we mention time and time again, he would’ve been in a body bag many years ago.

One of the original trips that he took his guys on. A lot members were present in this Thailand trip; guys like VP, Amrit, Chris, Karman and even one of the Samra brothers were just some of the names present.
The last trip VP would take before he lost his life.

The reason why we believe Skidz worships his circle and those who serve him is because he had already experienced a drift from his and Slice’s close-friend at the time, in Gavin Grewal. With the Brothers Keepers waging war on the UN set, and more specifically the group that Skidz & Slice led; Sandeep knew he couldn’t afford another spoiled friendship that could potentially lead to a bloodbath. In addition to that, Slice was behind more of the decision-making process and that’s because he had always been that much more reputable and known than his counterpart. Therefore, we believe he took charge and instilled a loyalty trait amongst his peers so he could avoid that same type of situation that he faced with Grewal.

Most still wonder why Sidhu continued to take that ‘secondary’ role and remain beneath his right-hand man in Jimi for so many years, especially because of how aggressive and ruthless he has been since Slice’s death. It’s important to keep in mind that although we may see Skidz as a very violent gangster who retaliates faster than any other “boss” or “kingpin”, he’s a man who always knew who to respect and never betray. The truth is that without Jimi there would never be a Sandeep, and that’s all because of the reputation that Slice had; which in return allowed Skidz to associate and get introduced to life-long relationships such as the infamous Billy Tran, or even Jujhar. These are all key-figures that will be mentioned in the conclusion of this intro, but we should never forget the fact that Jimi is the whole reason that these key-figures even exist and had been able to assist Skidz to get to the position he’s now in.

Jujhar is currently incarcerated for his role in killing Jon Bacon in Kelowna. He just recently posted a photo on his instagram story and it shows his book on the hood of Skidz’ Lamborghini in Dubai. A little while after, he posted a video of Skidz new chain which was a 7 figure piece that remembered his right-hand man in Jimi Slice. This will all be explored in our sequel – Key figures such as Jujhar will only be briefly introduced ⬇️.

So who were these guys? Why were they so loyal? How many of them are still alive?

Let’s take a look at just SOME of the guys that you will be hearing about throughout this CP:

We breakdown all of the guys who have in someway contributed to the success of Skidz into 2 categories. Key Figures (intro) and Close Associates (sequel).

Let’s find out who those ???? figures were, and why/how they truly assisted and elevated the name behind Skidz & Slice.

Skidz on the far-left, and his brother Nav pictured in the centre with the shades on. 2 key figures are pictured in this image but only 1 will be discovered in today’s introduction (his brother). One of his cousins that’s allegedly also pictured in this image is apparently a real-estate developer/investor and has apparently assisted Skidz in successfully cleaning lots of dope-money.


As we mentioned throughout the intro, Slice was the main link that Skidz had to the underworld. It was Jimi who introduced the biggest of names to his right-hand in Sandeep, and it was Sandeep who introduced real friendship and loyalty to Jimi. We will be exploring him into greater detail in our sequel and more-so in the conclusion of the CP (part 3), and it’s because of how relevant he has been to everything Skidz has accomplished. Unfortunately, rumours have circulated that guys like Billy have grown frustrated with Skidz ever since Jimi’s death and has allegedly attempted to tax him for using the UN brand and name. Given how Skidz has experienced the bottom, we don’t think he’ll back-down and there’s a reason why tension has been growing amongst the United Nations gang.

One thing is for sure though, Skidz is and has always been smarter than Slice and we can see it through simple examples such as the use of social media. It’s very rare to find an updated picture of Sidhu, yet alone video footage; whereas Jimi was agreeing to sex-tapes: ????vip????


  • Samra Brothers

Robbie and Chucky, two of the most powerful UN gangsters that are currently still in the lower-mainland are the definition of loyalty. These are two brothers who never doubted the bosses in Skidz & Slice, and are now living lavishly after working their ways up from the bottom. A lot of how they were introduced to the bracket will be thoroughly explained in our sequel, along with every other gangster. We’ll end it with letting you guys know the obvious, which is the older Samra in Ravi being the initial bridge for the brothers to enter the dope-game because of the relationship he had with Skidz and the overall age similarity.


Karman is a top 5 ???? figure that ultimately contributed to the success of Skidz, and a major part of that is because they were blood cousins. Given how he was younger than Skidz, it was alleged that he was very close to the deceased Nav Sidhu (skidz brother). In fact – most of the guys that made up the faction that Slice and Skidz led, were kids that were twice as young. This is why we have famously stated how guys like VP, Kaunka and Umba (for an example) were always at war with men that were double their age. BK guys were after these kids and that’s because they were at war with the bosses.


When KG was gunned down at YVR international airport, Skidz made some calls and ultimately got his revenge after placing bounties on pretty much every living BK gangster. After he celebrated, he went out and bought another 6 figure chain that was dedicated to his cousin Karman.


  • Navdeep Sidhu

The youngest brother of the Sidhu family, and more importantly the backbone to Skidz. Sandeep still feels guilty for his brothers death to this day and that’s because he is the reason he got in the game. We’ve stated time and time again how a set of brothers has been SO crucial to the lower-mainland gang culture and this is a prime example. Without Nav, Skidz wouldn’t have been able to lead those very same kids who are now notorious killers/in jail, dealers whom’ve turned into bosses, and guys like Umba who have followed the footsteps of his bosses:

Detailing the Town-line hill conflict is a major part of our sequel and if you have any sort of idea on what occurred during those years; you know that Nav will be talked about a lot.

Skidz first chain that broke the internet and surprised gangsters and rappers throughout Canada. He bought a 7 figure chain and no one outside of BC knew how; and on top of it all it was dedicated to his fallen brother.


  • Harwin Baringh


  • Vishal Walia



  • Parmvir Chahil
  • Jujhar Singh Khun Khun


  • Billy Tran





Here’s an example of 2 names that will be explored in the sequel. Both very close members to Skidz faction/cell that he led alongside Jimi $lice:

  • Christopher Singh –
  • Arshdeep
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????

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