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Shahram Tokay, otherwise known as Shmoney has been quite the topic for journalist ‘6ixademiks’. He’s been relevant ever since TheDirtySurrey emerged back in 2021 and that’s partly because of his strong allegiance to the BIBO Entertainment set aka the Red Scorpions faction. The other reason why he’s been so relevant is that he’s done some wild shit to some of these kids he’s been at war with. And though he’s been mostly quiet during the entirety of his adulthood, in regards to his criminal wrap sheet; his luck came to an end over a week ago. Unfortunately for the demon, his right ✋ man in rapper ‘JayCoz’ or otherwise known as Jalen Falk was also involved in the alleged role of flying packages of drugs into a Manitoba prison using a very sophisticated drone.

The 20-year-old is not one to shy away from the street politics and antics that are currently ongoing in the lower mainland. Vancouver’s Shmoney has done unspeakable things to his opps and has left them stripped naked, beaten black and blue, and had them fearing for their lives. It’s crazy because the kid is built like a midget and he’s still been untouched to this day, either because his team is full of loyal servants such as Ahmed Tahir and JayCoz – or he’s just been hiding. Considering what you’re about to see and what he’s done to some of these guys that go against his word, it’s remarkable that he hasn’t caught a hot ????. In fact, he’s only limping with a crane because he was involved in a serious motor vehicle collision rather than being shot like individuals were originally contemplating.

Shmoney orchestrated this live kidnapping against one of his workers (BrickWhippin on IG) at the time who didn’t pay back a debt.

We aren’t sure the exact specifics of this story, but it was Shmoney himself who sent this to 6ixAk – about a week before he was arrested out in Manitoba. And it isn’t the first time he’s left somebody naked and begging frantically for their life to be spared.

BK worker was caught sleeping in a car and setup by someone who was with him. They ended up calling Shmoney and the goblins and the rest was history.

He was behind this all. The lead orchestrator and still was never convicted of ANYTHING. A video apparently even exists where he thought it was a fun idea to poke sticks up the poor guy’s asshole.

Now that he’s behind bars, a lot of kids can sleep with ease at night. This is an individual who was loved by many but hated by more. He never liked what we stood for, and was very vocal about my journalistic work in the early days along with his BIBO brothers such as LoloLanski, ARAB$, and DrillDoc (Intro out as well – Blogs) to a certain extent. It was always said that 6ixAk favored the BK/CTB side of things from the get-go but what people didn’t understand is that we were a pivotal point in promoting both sides of the music scene. Certi2x was the only rapper out of the sets that actually dropped a visual in “Shirt” when we were blowing up, and even though we kept pushing the likes of Lolo to get a visual out – it was evident that they were under financial stress. Completely makes sense though, because the pockets of the label basically dried out ever since founder Gary Kang was shot to death at his parent’s house ????.

An in-depth piece will be eventually written on our blog page about the Ahmed Tahir/Toni D incident. Once again, it was Shmoney who orchestrated everything behind that and still hasn’t faced anything in court. One of his best friends, Ahmed was the sole shooter in the murder case and has refused to cooperate with law enforcement whatsoever. It’s rumoured that he just sits in his cell and prays all day ????.

We aren’t too sure what his net worth is looking like, but we do have quite the picture of how he operates and where. He’s frequently moving from province to province, mostly YYC/YEG and back to YVR; and we believe it’s some sort of line that he helps manage for the RS set. A gallery will be included of some more photos of the gremlin at the bottom ⬇️.

The main question we all are asking ourselves is who were they supplying the packages to? At first, we heard rumours that Lolo was actually transferred somewhere down there but we later realized who is actually serving a sentence at the Stony Mountain Institute. None other than Pistol P, legally known as Dyllan Petrin, the identical twin to Jaden and the BIBO ???? shooter who was contracted to carry out that hit on Cody Sleigh. Like Ahmed, who literally slipped on his own two feet after firing those fatal bullets at Toni D, Pistol P dropped his wallet which contained all his identification after smoking Cody.

It’s safe to say that these young kids were not fit for the job and should have reevaluated the decisions that put them behind bars for 25 years. Shmoney on the other hand was always prepared to evaluate every single decision he made, you can even view some of his past decision-making skills here.

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