Blood Family Mafia: New Torture Video And More Info On Saint-Malachie Siege

Over the past week, new information keeps being released in relation to the Blood Mafia Family conflict with the Hells Angels in the Quebec City drug war. Authorities launched ‘Projet SCANDALEUX’ in efforts to crack down on the violence the conflict is making. This operation is a joint effort of Service de la Ville de Quebec (SPVQ) and Surete du Quebec (SQ), it also includes the SPVL and SPVS (Levis Police Service and Saguenay Police Service).

Quebec Broue being raided last Friday in the efforts of Projet Scandaleux.

With the operation being launched at the end of last week, it has resulted in 17 BFM members and affiliates being arrested by Sunday (25/02/2024). 6 more have been arrested throughout the beginning of this week. All of the arrests, so far, have been aimed at crippling the Blood Family Mafia side of the conflict, and we just can’t help to wonder whether the authorities are taking sides.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel, head of the Blood Family Mafia.
Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel

It has been a fact that most of the violence has been initiated by the BFM street gang, who seem to have started a trend on how to deal with their opposition by kidnapping and torturing their victims. Is this the reason why they are aiming their sights on the street gang rather than the MC? Or are there ulterior motives. More arrests are set to be taken place throughout the end of the week, police have confirmed.

Hells Angels Quebec City Chapter.
HA puppet club Red Devils MC Quebec City.

Rap and crime go hand in hand, especially in the 21st century. With subject matter about drug trafficking, murders, shootings and spending time in the penitentiary, there’s no doubt about it. First we saw Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel, leader of the BFM, on the run in Portugal, seen in one of Quebec City rapper’s Mizery rap video. Then we’ve seen rapper James ‘Frekent’ Celestin being publicly announced as one of Turmel’s lieutenant. We’ve also seen Turmel in a photo with Montreal rapper ‘Cupidon’.

Tumel (Left) Cupidon (Right)

Cupidon is a rapper who represents a gang named ‘Les Vikings’ or LV. Mainstream news blew up a story this week trying to affiliate Les Vikings with BFM. I call horseshit. Les Vikings are located in Montreal, Gatineau and Granby, to the West of the province. Yes, BFM have ties with the street gangs in Montreal, most notably the Profit Boys. But you need a gang of psychos to pick a fight with the Montreal Chapter of the Hells Angels, who are on another echelon of organized crime.


Authorities suspect that Les Vikings are associated to BFM, hip hop agent Philippe Nazon was charged with kidnapping and hostage taking on the 24th of January in 2023. The conflict between the BFM and HA had started in March of 2023, 2 months after. Which is why we believe Les Vikings have no involvement in this drug war.

Music agent Philippe Nazon.

A list of the people arrested in relation to Projet SCANDALEUX have been publicly announced this week with pictures and selfies of them. 23 suspects have been named. To my surprise, a number of women were involved in BFM activities, including the torture and subduing of victims and opposition.

Five people have been charged with assault and subduing of a victim in Montmagny between the 12th and 20th of February.

  • Evan Lavoie, 21, from Sept-Isles.
  • Andreanne Dominique, 37, from Montmagny.
  • Dave Mathieu, 35.
  • William Monger-Morin, 26.
  • David Marceau-Morin, 36.
Evan Lavoie
Andreanne Dominique
Dave Mathieu

2 other individuals were charged with kidnapping and assault of the same victim in Montagny between the 13th of February and the 19th of February. The men include;

  • Remi Fournier, 38.
  • Dave Galienne-Picard, 30.
Remi Fournier

The following two individuals were charged with assault and subduing a victim on the 4th of February along with kidnapping the same victim between the 20th of February. The duo are both Turmel’s lieutenants, with a long criminal spreadsheet.

  • James ‘Frekent’ Celestin, 39, lieutenant for Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel and Quebec City Rapper.
  • David Marceau-Maillefert, 34.
James ‘Frekent’ Celestin’s ‘Couper-les’ music video.
James ‘Frekent’ Celestin
James Celestin

Three others were also charged with attempted murder after having unloaded a firearm in daylight on Autoroute 40 in Quebec City on November 3rd of 2023. Two are known to be a couple with kids, while the third arrested, Karl Horkheimer Pierre, was also implicated in this shooting. The accused consist of;

  • Francis Gauthier-Marcoux, 32.
  • Bianca Simard, 28.
  • Karl Horkheimer Pierre, 26.
Francis Gauthier-Marcoux with Bianca Simard.
Francis Gauthier-Marcoux
Bianca Simard

The next three would be charged with criminal arson in the town of Chateau-Richer at a go-karting business named KCR Karting on the 9th of February.

  • Nicholas Cote, 45.
  • Carl Martineau, 33.
  • Patrick Boisvert, 49.

A father-daughter duo would be arrested in relation to the siege which took place in Saint-Malachie. The father is well-known to authorities and has a hefty criminal record.

  • Georges Roy, 59.
  • Marie-Laurence Roy, 29.

The rest of the individuals arrested include the following;

  • Jean-Francois Dion, 36, from Quebec. Arrested for being in possession of ammunition.
  • Dereck Morin-Martel, 22, from Sept-Isles. Arrested on a gun charge.
  • Maxime Maheux, 25. Arrested for criminal arson in Beauce.
  • Charlotte Montambault-Vaillancourt, 32. Arrested for possession of cocaine, methamphetamine and GHB with intent to distribute.
  • Sebastien Lampron, 36. Arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime.
  • Danny Royer, 41. Arrested for assault.
Sebastien Lampron

There has also been an update to what happened during the Saint-Malachie siege. We now know the incident started throughout the afternoon on February 18th, at the residence of 200 Route Kelly in Saint-Malachie.

Three Blood Family Mafia members had shown up at the residence during the day. Stephane Boutin, a man of 51 years old who has a criminal record of theft and drug trafficking, and his uncle, a 70 year old man with no involvement in the drug trade, were then taken hostage. The two men were then tortured and videotaped, being forced to say certain things while recorded.

First torture video of Stephane Boutin, 51, and his uncle, who had no relation to the conflict.

Although the BFM perpetrators started off strong, through the course of the night, one of the torturers would fall asleep. Stephane Boutin saw a window of opportunity, Able to free himself from his restraints. He then got a knife and stabbed, 29 year old rapper Patrick ‘R.I.V.’ Martin to death before fleeing the residence and knocking on his neighbor’s door. A week and a half after the incident, Boutin’s innocent uncle is still hospitalized for the wounds he suffered that night.

Patrick ‘R.I.V.’ Martin

The father and daughter duo we had mentioned earlier were arrested in relation to this event, Georges Roy, 58, and Marie-Laurence Roy, 28. We are unclear to what role they had played in the event, but we do know Georges Roy lived at the same address that the incident took place.

We will leave you with a new Blood Family Mafia torture video. We can only assume this video was a product of the kidnapping and torture that took place in Montmagny. In this video, the victim is getting the soul of his foot torched. We will continue to update you on the conflict.

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