Deja Vu: Celestin’s Mothers Residence Targeted Again & Chabaan Targeted Once Again

History repeats itself, as the old saying goes. In this case, it occurred at the same place, with the same actions. We’ve had to double check whether these two incidents actually happened for a second time, but only months apart throughout year. It is clear that many men wish death upon two very different individuals on the island of Montreal and it’s surrounding regions. Jean Philippe Celestin and Ali Chabaan.

Jean Philippe Celestin

The code of honor that has been prevalent in Montreal throughout the 2000’s is dead and gone. What kind of sick fuck would involve family members that have no ties to organized crime? Quebec’s criminal playground has taken a drastic turn this year, with people being tortured and kidnapped, and family member’s residences being shot up. It seems to be a new era for the underworld of Quebec.

Jean Philippe Celestin, a notorious gang leader and member of the Marauders MC, had his mother’s residence shot up Thursday morning towards 1:00am. Police were called at 1:10am and had shown up to the Montreal residence near the intersection of Henri-Julien and Boucher. This is the second time gang members have targeted her residence in two months, with the first incident taking place on the night of March 23rd, 2024. There were no victims in this scenario.

The first time, Celestin was in the apartment with his mother while the gunshots had occurred, but this time, he wasn’t present. Luckily, police were close to the scene of the crime and managed to apprehend two suspects; a 21 year old man as well as a 20 year old man. After a short police chase, the suspects were stopped to a halt by a barricade set up by authorities, the two suspects decided to flee on foot, where one was quickly apprehended. The second suspect was caught by police shortly after near the intersection of Beaubien and Waverly.

The suspect’s Honda.

Since the death of Gregory Woolley, it seems that the Celestin family have gotten no rest, with 2 shootings occurring at Celestin’s mother’s house, as well as the assassination of Jean Philippe’s brother, Brandon Jean Celestin occurring in February after exiting Elio’s restaurant in the Saint-Leonard borough of the island. It is said that the restaurant mentioned previously was Jean Philippe’s headquarters for concerning everything happening in the Montreal underworld.

Rumor’s have also spread in which Celestin disconnected with the Montreal mafia and has taken refuge into the biker world of Montreal. Many questions have risen in which why and who shot Brandon Celestin, exiting an Italian restaurant in a predominantly Italian neighborhood.

The crime scene of Brandon Jean Celestin’s death.

The shooting which occurred at the Celestin residence isn’t the only ‘deja vu’ incident which took place this week. We’ve written a couple articles in the past concerning an individual name Ali Chabaan, who was the victim of an attempted murder on February 9th, 2024, while exiting the site of a prospective restaurant in construction. He survived the attempted murder, being shot only once and having his G-Wagon riddled with bullets.

Chabaan’s G-Wagon riddled with bullets during the attempted murder in which he survived.

Then there was the shooting on Chabaan’s business Antika Lounge located in Laval. No individuals were hurt due to the lounge being closed at the time of the shooting. Recently this week, the Antika has seen a lot of heat, but why? Ali Chabaan is a key player in Quebec’s auto theft community. You may ask why? This is because he owns another vehicle exportation business named Cube Express locates on Cote-de-Liesse on the island of Montreal, in Lachine. Needless to say, we have been posting on the Chabaan saga regularly.

Cube Express Instagram page.
Cube Express being raided after Mohamed Chabaan’s arrest in March.

Before we get to the gist of our article, it’s important to note that Chabaan’s brother was arrested in relation to vehicle thefts in March. It seems that 35 year old Ali Chabaan is not only in the sights of the Montreal underworld, but also in the sights of authorities.

Two separate incidents happened this week concerning the Antika Bar & Lounge. The Antika was target to three Molotov cocktails in the wee hours of Wednesday at around 2am. The suspects also aimed a Mondou pet store and Second Cup tied to the lounge’s residence, since they are chained together like a strip mall. Gun shots were also fired before the Molotov cocktails were thrown.

The whole block which includes Second Cup, Antika & Mondou pet store.

The flames were quickly extinguished and 2 suspects were apprehended by police later that morning. Although we do not have the names of the suspects yet, it is said that one of them is under legal age, being younger than 18 years old.

Another Molotov cocktail was thrown towards the Antika Bar & Resto-Lounge within 24 hours in the wee hours of Thursday morning, towards 4:10am. The only difference being the damage that the bomb had done to the establishment. The damage being major, resulting in a total loss, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pit. This time, no suspects were apprehended.

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