Hitman Frederick Silva Revealing New Facts

Recent facts broke out last week concerning Gregory Woolley that came straight from the horse’s mouth. The horse being Frederick Silva. A hit man for the Montreal mafia, the motorcycle clubs that reign supreme on the island and street gangs. Frederick Silva had been apprehended in 2022 and decided to turn informant. The SQ (Regional Quebec Police) and the SPVM (Service De Police De Montreal) deemed Silva had the biggest file they’ve ever came across.

Silva opened up to the police about 65 murders he was involved in or been the perpetrator of.

It’s hard to think that Frederick Silva is the hit man with the highest body count in the province. There has been a handful of contract killers Quebec has had throughout the decades. Hells Angel North Chapter member, Yves ‘Apache’ Trudeau, being responsible for 43 counts of manslaughter was apprehended in 1985. Gerald Gallant, a contract killer for the Rock Machine MC and the West End Gang being responsible for 28 murders and 12 attempted murders, being apprehended in 2006. Donald Lavoie, who worked for the Dubois Gang, testifying to 27 murders in 1982.

Not to mention Hells Angel Serge Quesnel and Frank Cotroni’s protege, Real Simard.

As time drags on we are getting bits and pieces of answers as Frederick Silva is cooperating with police. Last week we learned that Woolley was Silva’s best client which might have had something to do with Woolley’s murder. There are also details indicating that Maurice ‘Mom’ Boucher had hired Silva for hits as well, but information on that is still being withheld from the public. Authorities are speculating IF the murder might have acted as some sort of internal purge in Montreal’s organized crime. It’s hard to think that Woolley would have cracked under police interrogation, given his history with law enforcement, overall.

Police had taken multiple pictures and even videos OF Frederick Silva in his daily life, years before his apprehension. Most notably during Operation Magot, which targeted Gregory Woolley and his gang Syndicate, composing of street gang members and members of the Rockers MC.

One video they had taken under surveillance was a meeting between Woolley and Silva at a coffee shop on Jean Talon East on the 1st of December 2014. On April of 2015 police visited Woolley hoping to get information on unresolved murder cases, their efforts had no avail. 

Woolley wanted to avenge Nick Rizzuto Jr.’s death for Vito Rizzuto. Nick Junior had been shot to death while taking a walk in 2009. Vito and Woolley suspected 67th gang founder Ducarme Joseph to be the reason for Nick Juniors death. Hence, on the 1st of August, Joseph, was shot to death in the Saint Michel borough of Montreal. Police have recently reopened this case since Silva started cooperating.

Silva is having a hard time getting a lawyer to represent him, with more than 200 lawyers turning down the offer.

So far we can count 3 homicides that are affiliated with Silva, ever since he started cooperating with the police:

Samy Tamouro, an HA affiliate who had been shot to death at a gym in Puerto Cancun in Mexico on December 13th, 2023.

Samy Tamaouro was Canadian, and was either of Israeli or Moroccan descent with a long criminal history in Canada. He had maintained close ties to Quebec Hells Angels. He was also close to gang leader Jean-Philippe Célestin and Sébastien Giroux who was murdered in Montreal in May 2022.

Recently, the police had considered him being even more relative as a “street boss” for members of the Montreal Hells Angels, and suspected him of being involved in the importation of cocaine from Mexico to Canada.

Bernard Cherfan, affiliate to the Lebanese mafia, shot in a Laval restaurant June 1st, 2022; AND Sébastien Giroux, another biker affiliate, shot in Montreal May 11th, 2022.

We will be starting our introduction to this blog through a past profile series, consisting of EX-HITMEN.

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