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About a month ago – We came across an article highlighting Punjabi gangs of Canada and how they’ve been amplified even more after Sidhu Moosewala’s murder. Included in the article is legendary Kal Dosanjh, a veteran VPD officer who speaks about a fairly new gang that’s composed of strictly international ???????? students. The set he talks about is known as The Ruffians, a surrey-based ???? program that has strong ties to several UN members such as the Samra brothers (CP out soon ????).

VPD Veteran Kal Dosanjh, the one who introduced us to the Ruffians. We thought it was a joke at first.

Before we begin, it’s important to realize that these ‘Ruffians’ were technically dismantled when leader ‘Sandhu’ was taken down by authorities. He’s now relocated to Toronto and has top criminal defence lawyer Jag Virk representing him and apparently beating most of his charges. So if they were taken down, how come Kal spoke about them less than a month ago? Because they’re still operating via new leadership, just like how every other set moves – one guy goes down, another steps up.

Lets have a look at who the big guys are for the Ruffian set:

Left: Arjun Sandhu (current leader) Right: Sukhnaaz Sandhu aka Bad Sandhu aka Sammi (old leader)

When we read up on what Kal was saying about these guys, we literally thought it was the ???? just making stuff up. After digging deep and doing our own research, we developed a clear understanding as to what the leadership structure looks like, where they operate, who they’ve hurt, literally everything about them and thats including disclosures that explain it all.

Arjun Sandhu, allegedly a first cousin to Sukh and unlike the rest of his gang; can speak english fluently. Its pretty evident that he took over things and started to display more of a boss-like presence ever since Sukh relocated to Toronto. Arjun was technically still considered one of the leaders when the Ruffians; a now 3 year old gang, was at their prime with a total of 3 leaders: Rajbeer Randio aka Dez (now ????), Sukh Sandhu and of course Arjun.

He’s always been the more known one in BC, considering as he was born and raised in Surrey streets. And he was always beside his cousin, right or wrong – it didn’t matter because he would almost always be seen on camera giving an individual the beats.

Sukhnaaz and Arjun Sandhu giving an ex-worker the beats after owing a debt.

If you listened carefully to that clip, it was Arjun who was telling Sukh to stop at the end. He always had the ???? out of the two, but like his cousin; he is definitely known to ????. Without him though, I don’t see the Ruffians lasting this long. He’s built structure into his ???? workers and ensures the safety of his people before the ????. Sukh on the other hand would order a vicious beat-down if one of his drivers got arrested on the road.

There’s a reason why he was more preferred than ‘Sammi’, however if you speak to Arjun as I have; you wouldn’t ever doubt his loyalty towards Sukh. I don’t know if I could say the same about his other half ????, as the big earner ???? definitely freaks around here and there. You can take a look at his VSCO here, which shows nothing but flashes of his lavish lifestyle.

Once again, this is the Ruffians we’re talking about, they love that camera more than TMZ ????. One of the first posts I dedicated to these guys was their very own music video that shows off the criminal lifestyle that these men are engaged in. Unfortunately, it was deleted about 10 minutes after we published the original profile.

So lets continue to look into Arjun..

Arjun explaining to us that he does not play around… (to watch that video, continue reading the article)

Though it was obvious that Arjun was the more controlled, decisive and smart one out of the leadership circle; you can just get an idea based on the messages he was sending us that he has those same ‘gangster’ bones that his cousin was typically known for.

To understand the Ruffians both inside and out, we have to dive further into deceased ex-leader Dez. Out of the 3, it was Dez who had a close relationship with both Samra brothers and in return they looked at the Ruffian demon as a younger brother. He was always very vocal and was seemingly ready for anything, at any given time. It almost seems like he got himself a little too involved with the politics concerning the UN side of things and got his Ruffians in the middle of a gang war.

He was somehow linked to one of the ???? lines that the Samra brothers had in control, and therefore was heard in this famous clip shouting out the last 4 digits of the line ????.

Heres Dez shouting out the Chucky and Ravi Samras 2323 ???? line that is in constant competition with the Brothers Keepers.

Ruffian Set Information Whilst Sukh Was Still Head Honcho In BC:

Though it was never confirmed in any of the disclosures that Dez was one of the 3 leaders; he brought a lot to the table for the Ruffian boys. It only makes sense that he was at least considered a big ???? to the Ruffians, especially because his whole set posted nothing but tributes to the fallen soldier. Let’s take a look at how his group responded after they realized Dez had lost his life to an overdose. Very sad regardless of the man he was and lifestyle he chose, addiction is never the answer – especially not for a 24 year old.

Dez just a few months before losing his life via overdose to a horrible opiate addiction.

Heres Dez again enjoying the riches of the drug trafficking lifestyle.. RIP

When Dez was alive and being cocky after getting shot in the arm and recovering in the hospital.

Aside from his nasty drug addiction which mainly consisted of opiate use, Dez was eating good. The guy was always rolling around in foreign rentals, had loads of ???? on him at any given time and was wearing ???? that these rappers be buying.

A picture Dez took about a year before his death. ????????????

Last but not least, we’ll be focusing on the real big ???? that the Ruffians were led under; Mr. Sukhnaaz Sandhu or otherwise known on the streets as ‘Sammi’,’ ‘Bad-Boy Sandhu’ and of course, Sukh. This was the guy that brought these Ruffians on the map. A very out-spoken, outrageous, chaotic, demonic, angry, monster, violent and COCKY individual that gave these guys the status that they have today.

After the crazy investigation that the feds had conducted around leader Sukh, it was thought by the ???? that the ‘dipper’ led group had been dismantled. Little did they know that ???????? is a massive country with a lot of international students around Canada, meaning that these guys have more numbers than probably any set out there.

Leader Sukh Sandhu pictured on the right.

The famous picture of Sukh that was included in the investigation.

Because he has defence attorney Jag Virk representing him, we can only share so much regarding his prior case convictions. With that being said, take a look at how the Ruffians were ultimately dissected by great police work, and overall stupidity regarding Ruffians and cameras.

Sandhu being the main target of the investigation

How the Ruffians were technically formed after the Mud Bay Park shooting: July.19/19

As you can clearly see, the ???? did an excellent job at getting these guys figured out. They had the entire operation laid out and the reason why they had so much information is because those international students who are acting as ???? drivers will not hesitate to be an informant if it comes down to it. They will not show no loyalty towards anyone or anything, but that PR card. And thats exactly why and how they cracked down with facts that explains how these guys moved and operated around the YVR area.

After Sandhu got hit with this ????, he relocated to Toronto and is currently living out there. When we spoke with him, he stated that he was no longer apart of this lifestyle and was unsure whether or not the Ruffians were still active.

The blue mustang that was shot at the Mud Bay Park incident. The driver of the vehicle is none other than Sammi.

It was about 2 days after we first covered the Ruffians on @6ixaktv, that actual members were reaching out to us and providing us with insight that we would not have known otherwise. These guys were so hyped that they were being talked about that they actually continued to incriminate themselves even further. They started sending me videos of vicious beatdowns, disclosures of their own leader ????, unsolved homicides ???? and everything in between.

We’ve covered a lot of different groups and sets that originate from the west coast, but the Ruffians take the ???? in potentially being the most self-incriminating gang we’ve gone through. The following videos may not be suitable for all ages and therefore viewer discretion is STRONGLY ADVISED ????.

Ruffian member recording himself shooting at an opps house… ????

A prime example of how the Ruffians handle ????, which is to out number the opponent 100:1.

Ruffian gang members catch an opponent lacking with his girlfriend in broad daylight.

For some reason, this clip was sent without audio. A few of the members were sending me videos without audio as they explained that the feds were watching… ???? Not sure if audio really matters at this point.

This was the video current leader Arjun had sent us and explained that if anyone were to insult the group, they would end up like this victim. Without audio for some reason.

Another prime example that shows the out-numbering tactic that these Ruffians are known for. They can fit about 15 people per vehicle, be careful.

EX-Ruffian member who was working the ????. The beating had to do with him either getting pulled over or not bringing back enough paper.

The most incriminating video I have ever been sent. An unsolved homicide I’m pretty sure, however we know now who was behind it. A Ruffian unnamed gangster sent this video via burner account.

It doesn’t end there. Though these guys are a new gang in only being around for 3 years, they’ve sure made a lot of noise. Apart of that noise was associated to big superstar Sidhu Moosewala whom openly showed his support for the BC-based gang. Take a look at an actual snapchat story that features Sidhu bumping the Ruffian gang’s new anthem that was dropped by one of their own artists.

They’ve also built established connections with some cartel members that are based out of California. I will be including more of that in my follow up to this Set Profile, however when you scroll down you will come across a gallery that will have images showing some of these members.

It was understood by many that Sidhu was protected everywhere in Canada, and more specifically – BC. The Ruffians were all equally hurt after coming across Sidhu’s death about 2 months ago.

We don’t see these guys slowing down anytime soon. In fact, we’ve heard that they’ve only expanded more and more within the west coast drug trade. We’re literally seeing a whole new wave in international students, fresh off the boat immigrants who come to Canada in hopes of a better life and education. And if these students continue to fall into the footsteps of the Ruffian lifestyle, the indo-canadian community and population will continue to suffer in having a bad name surrounding it.

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