The Truth Behind The Infamous ‘BIBO’ Jail Call

In the murky world of leaked prison recordings, the Red Scorpions and BIBO sets take center stage. From Jamie Bacon’s frantic attempts to turn his co-accused to the chilling secrets captured in a Brothers Keepers’ call, these recordings are a treasure trove of shady conversations. Every word spoken is charged with tension, revealing a world […]

Wolf Pack Quebec City: The Art Of Pimping

Before there was the major drug trafficking group by the name of the Wolfpack Alliance. In Quebec City lurked another type of Wolf Pack. A street gang that aligned themselves with certain Crip ideologies and opted for the color blue. Their specialty; pimping. Being victim to a police crackdown named ‘Operation Scorpion’ on the 17th […]

Set Rankings: Q1

Rankings for the first quarter revealed a significant escalation in the BC gang scene throughout the latter half of 2023. The surge in violence wasn’t confined to lower-tier criminal figures; high-profile homicides occurred monthly, reminiscent of the upheaval in 2021-2022 when a Dhaliwal’s elimination triggered a series of retaliatory strikes that reverberated across the nation. […]

YYC FOB – Set Profile Intro:

Police say before two clear sides evolved, it was just a group of friends selling drugs and enjoying the easy lifestyle it could buy. Some apparently had a clubhouse in Edmonton, where sources say the sister of several men, later involved in gang activity, was raped. Others claim the violence began when a group of […]

Brothers Keepers Set Profile #2:

Part A: 7:19 minute video ????: ⬇️ Part B: Oct.2 For Free Users (Tonight For Subs): Part C: Tomorrow for Subs, Oct. 4th for Free members): We will be releasing the write-up to the BK set sequel after all 3 parts are made public. After losing our instagram platforms and access, we will only be […]

September Recap📰:

The following structure that we have laid out will be consistent with every monthly recap, going forward. If you haven’t already – make sure you checked out the Set Rankings for the month of September. It’s back to story time following this release ???????????? *all links attached are to our personal published pieces explaining the […]

September Set Rankings 📊:

This is technically a ranking that begins when our last ended; Lower-Mainland August Set Rankings – which was published 1 month ago, on August the 16th. The following footage is based on the rankings; featuring the HA set at the start of the video and the Ruffians at the very end: HELLS ANGELS ???? #1 […]

Retaliation – Toni D/Bailey M 🩸:

While the entirety of BC had focused on the retaliation between the Brothers Keepers and the United Nations; youngsters in Toni D and Bailey M followed the exact same script that high profile gangsters Karman and Harb had gone through. The public was so focused and fascinated in the retaliating gang violence that led to […]