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Duvy taking shots at deceased BFR/BK associate in SMAN. The brother of Certi2x.

Long overdue. Our platform has increased in terms of the audience, significantly; and for that – we appreciate the support. This write-up goes into depth about how and why these Vancouver gangsters have transitioned into circles that consist of Toronto’s most dangerous. In other words, we are seeing more cohesion and connection with BC/Toronto gangs now, then we ever have in the past. A big part of the reason is because of how mainstream our music scene has gotten; some of Toronto’s most dangerous gangsters have transitioned into the likes of mainstream rap stars. The obvious being in Pressa (Driftwood Crip), but we are starting to see a lot more growth in guys like Duvy, whom will be focused on a lot in this write-up.

Two of the most dominant gangs that our platform dissects are the Brothers Keepers (CTB) and Red Scorpions (BIBO). This is because of the major level they play in influencing our youth based on the marketing tools that they have accrued. They both stand behind two of Vancouver’s biggest underground record labels, and we all should know by now just how crucial music plays in steering a kid the wrong way. Gangs and organizations like the Hells Angels, Wolfpack or United Nations will not be introduced in this piece, and that’s because none of them have any sort of connection to a Toronto rapper. However, you could probably ask any UN member on who he would prefer listening too; and their answer would always probably be anyone that isn’t apart of the BFR circle. They hate the Brothers Keepers with a passion, and they’ve always been more interested in elevating their drug trade and legal ventures; opposed to getting involved in ‘Toronto rap beef’.

BK Gangster Jagraj Atwal with the fallen Houdini.

When you actually get into whats going on with Toronto’s rap scene, you’ll notice a whole lot of backstabbing and overall hatred that some of these guys have for each other. It can be broken down from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, but the simplest way to explain it to the average viewer would be this right here:

Essentially, it’s a whole bunch of neighbourhoods against Toronto’s three musketeers. The Wassas (Pressa & Co), GGG (Top 5 & Co), and AP (KMoney & Co) against pretty much every other violent demon that is based in welfare housing across the city. So where do the Brothers Keepers or the Red Scorpions come into play? Guys like Certi2x (BK) have already had long lasting relationships with several Wassas, hence why the structure between BC & Toronto’s drug trade has expanded so severely.

Our featured image to this story revolves around the latest killing in the Toronto underground hip-hop scene. The two brothers Red & Black Star, or otherwise known as Ayo & Stephan Illia; really have nothing to do with whats been going on in BC. They will be dissected more as we continue, but first we want to give you a little more of a breakdown.

Duvy shouting out Red Star, before he got released 4 months ago. He is now on a Canada-Wide warrant. Did Duvy ever say his condolences to the fallen rapper Zombie whom Red Star smoked? Find out more⬇️

By now everyone should have an idea that the BFR set and Driftwood crips have a solid foundation with the Brothers Keepers. There’s a reason why we see almost every rapper who comes out of jail go straight to the west-coast on their side. It’s because they get put in a position where they can quickly start funding a rap career. FB is allegedly in this position as of now, however it’s rumoured he’s located in Saskatoon.

Anyway – it’s no secret either that we’re seeing rappers under BC’s labels such as Lolo Lanski, DrillDoc, TSAV and even OMT Nate start to collaborate with these hood demons. I could list a bunch of songs here or unreleased clips of Toronto rappers featuring on BC songs; however it would take too long and wouldn’t allow us to have content in the vault. The most recent feature which has sort of ignited the whole BC/Toronto rap wave came out of the BIBO camp:

(here’s a legendary teaser that nobody has heard before:)

So basically the entire west-coast was getting highly anticipated and excited for the eventual release of Drilldoc’s visual with Duvy’s gang members that hail from South Side Jane. The song takes several shots at members of the Driftwood set, and therefore the immediate reaction was that Wassas were behind the hit of rapper Zombie, aka, Alexander Millis SMITH. The most eery apart about it, and the most realistic/comparable to BC’s gang culture was that the 24 year old rapper was killed by his own friend:

Zombie on the left, and Ayo Illia the killer on the right.

We’ve seen it way too many times, however it’s alleged that there was a bounty placed on the rappers head:

It’s quite embarrassing as to how law enforcement managed to let this all happen. Our justice system has allowed someone to committ crimes before the year he turned 18. I’m going to go ahead and assume he was probably into criminal activity as a youth as well, and now he’s murdered someone. I have no clue why we let these people freely interact with society, he should’ve still been in jail for his previous crimes.

After taking a look at the Sudanese demon’s criminal wrap-sheet (excluding his YO record), we should all be able to collectively see that our justice system is pretty useless:

July 2020 – 5 arrested after Brampton sneaker sale results in gunpoint car jacking

October 2020 – Handgun Seized and Two People Arrested after Traffic Stop in Milton

November 2020 – Adult, two minors charged after six injured in Little Jamaica shooting

So why was it that no rapper on Zombie’s team had actually payed condolences? This was clearly something going on internally in the gang, however it goes to show you just how cold this world may be. We can’t say that it doesn’t happen out west, in fact we see more people backstabbing each other here than ever before. This kid Ayo Illia (20) and his family immigrated into Toronto’s most dangerous neighbourhood about 10 years ago. He and his brother (BlackStar) could barely speak the language, and were often bullied growing up. The only way he found acceptance was by becoming a heartless and savage demon that criminals and gangsters could rely on, for petty crimes. An example of this is when he was known in the city as being the guy to call for stolen vehicles.

Although he had links to the YYC area, it’s very unlikely that he has any sort of real relationship to a set/organization. Guys in the UN set for an example, don’t just invest and get interested in Toronto’s rap scene; as compared to guys in the Brothers Keepers or Red Scorpions. They would rather sit back, listen to anyone that doesn’t affiliate themselves with the BK set; and continue to make money and develop consistent, strong, supplying drug lines.

It’s unfortunate to say, but we’re just going to be seeing a lot more violence. Things are getting a lot more connected, and it’s never been a good thing. We’re seeing literally 2 sides – Duvy & Co (RS affiliated) vs Pressa & Co (BK affiliated). Even though this recent killing was a hit amongst the set itself, guys on the BFR team didn’t hesitate to disrespect. What surprised us was the fact that rapper FB (recently just got released from a 5 year bid) had initially claimed the killing. You can drop dead by a stroke, or a shock of lightning; and your opponents will always somehow take credit for it. The game is getting crazy.

Even when Skidz’ chains got robbed by UK rapper Fredo; guys like WHYG were going crazy, as well as even 1hunnidGGG.

(More in skidz story)

Sorry this took so long to release. Was very busy today.

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